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t explain, he apologized and told me not to worry, because I wants enough of it and in any case, I was looking for something I was doing. " the meantime, I took off her bra and Dave looked at me in a full erection makes a big bulge in his pants. " So what happened? "I asked. " Well, he said: "We do the same, why we are not together," and I agreed. I have no idea why. In any case, we found that the compensation and convinced him to go first and I put my empireamateurs arm around him, as I did with you and held his cock while urinating. I have charged all and if I was my turn, I did it the way you want, you know, to deviate from it and go. I knew what I was doing, Dave, did not stop, so when I was just a trickle or two small, I felt his penis against my empireamateurs ass. I asked him to ram. You know what I empireamateurs ' m sometimes needed a good fuck and it has given me. "N" of Christ! "David was always his clothes. " That was not the end but, "I added hastily :" I moved ind set out in this beautiful, soft grass we played together until it was hard, he fucked me right for half an hour. You know me Dave, I do not come very often, while I fuck, but I have many. Then at the end I felt his hot sperm and went completely. God does David, I'm sorry ! "I was about to mourn. Then came the surprise, he said, " Do not worry, dear, I have often wondered what would it be to see fucked by another person, this is the closest thing. Get on the bed! "He was now a beautiful game and got an erection in bed and opened empireamateurs my legs so he could see. He looked between his legs then on the bed and kissed me on the excitement Fanny began rippling through me. Then using the language. the lip on the other, a
Quotes to the inner lips, then tongue fucks my sucking my clit. came. he moved and kissed my mouth, I thought Fanny Graham and empireamateurs flavor sperm. Then his cock inside me and pushEd correctly, all the juice and milk splashed on my thighs and began to ram his cock to me as Graham had done the first time. In just seconds, and then came and filled me again. She collapsed on me, "Damn fucking beautiful! " He said, "Christ, I never thought damn, in the sperm of another man was so exciting! " " Fuck me again," I pleaded. I squeezed his cock with my inner muscles and Graham when he got hard again and started fucking. The same thing happened, I was so excited I came and came and came again, it was the best fuck I ever had. Then, while he was in my arms, said: " If I had known how exciting it was to fuck a woman after another man had been there, I've screwed other men years before," I said " why do it again. "" I'm assuming you want to do it again after " " of course I do, dear Graham is a very nice person as you. like, and empireamateurs I have your number phone. All you have to do is, rIng it! "" Christ! " Of course we talked again and agreed that Graham took it back, fuck me and then back to Dave full of cum in the ass of Graham. If you do not like it, we would ask, Graham come to empireamateurs us and I really fuck in front of Dave, that was what empireamateurs my husband is wonderful. as for me, and I could not wait. The surprise for me was that Dave obviously had never heard of this type of thinking situations, but never had mentioned. Well, of course, we have that comes with two or three times a year to visit Graham and have a weekend of solid triple shit. I bet you know who gets the most out of it!


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If you read the first part of this, we know that, totally out of place, he let a stranger fuck me twice. Now I have the kind of tight back is closed immediately after sex so that, although some escaped me, most of what was there. When I read the few hundred yards later I went home thinking he had done, I felt the inner thighs smoothly with the juice and milk. Why had he done? I do not know. I could not explain what he knew was that I enjoyed it. Graham was no better than Dave, just different and I do not expect the next few minutes, but I thoroughly enjoyed what had happened and still felt very sexy. I did not know was that I was in another big surprise. I entered the house, Dave was in the kitchen tea. "Hello, said: " You were a long time. " Then he looked closer, <strong>empireamateurs</strong> " What 's going on? You look flushed, what did you do ? " Well, I never even be able to Dave, so I took a deep breath and said, "I can not tell you, my dear, because I do not know how to make this happen, but the fact is that I only had sex twice with an absolute stranger. " " Christ "" I'm sorry, Dave, "he said without conviction. " You have made only a walk, and finally shit! " "Sorry, let me go and take a shower," I started up the stairs, but he continued. " No, wait a minute," he said, " so one can not tell me what happened. " We reached the room, and I took off my dress, when I discovered he was not wearing pants. I said.. "Well, I walked along the river about a mile and turned empireamateurs around and came back, I felt I had to spend a dime Then everything went to the corner and almost to a man who was pushed from the tail to do what I wanted to do ! " I realized empireamateurs that Dave had to have an erection. "Well, I I can no